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Manual Pressing universal test Fixture Kit

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Manual Pressing universal test Fixture Kit

Fixture Datasheet:

manual pressing data sheet.jpg

Fixture Advantage: 

1. Standard test fixture and jig structure, very easy for production operate and set stock;

2. The interchangeable test module, save purchasing cost;

3. Save the stock place, solve the stock problem that product change and then need more test fixture and jig;

4. Standardized products, high stable quality;

5. Can be customized according to PCB size and customer requirement;


Fixture Summaries:

Manual open the Lid, Manual double toggle clamp press down, Stable fixture structure.


Scope of application:

1. Use in boundary scan testing main board;

2. High precision alignment side access connector;

3. Any other test point on top and bottom side PCBA;

Design Feature:

1. Manual crank structure design;

2. Toggle clamp push the side access unit;

3. Mechanical structure push the side access unit;

4. Changeable structure design;

5. Changeable module design;

6. Probe and support plate precise alignment design;

7. Lid fool-proofing design to avoid misoperation during test;

8. Side Access unit auto-alignment design;

9. Avoid PCBA bring out by Lid design;

10.Operator finger protection design;

11.Changeable product test design;

12.Probe protection design;

13.Safety protection design for Easy damaged parts on PCBA;

14.Lid Interlocking design;

15.Interlocking design for Side Access unit insertion during test;

We can provide customization service according to your requirement!



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