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Manual Pressing smart universal test fixture

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Manual Pressing smart universal test fixture


  1. Standard test fixture and jig structure, very easy for production operate and set stock

  2. The changeable test module, save your purchasing cost

  3. Save the stock place, solve the stock problem that product change and then need more test fixture and jig

  4. Standardized products, high stable quality

  5. Apply to shielding box test, very smart

  6. Can be customized according to PCB size and customer requirement

  7. especially suit the fixture house manufacture, save the design engineering and machining labor

Fixture Datasheet:

Description Data Info Remark
Fixture size 272mm x 240mm x 150mm All size can be customized
Bottom Side Probe plate moudule available space 190mm x 180mm
Top Side Probe plate module available space 195mm x 170mm
Max UUT Size 150mm x 140mm
Cantact force 300N
Pressing travel 15mm
Lid openning angle 60~80 degree

Sample Fixture Design Summaries:

1. One time to complete the manual turn lid and vertical press down, easy operation for operator;

Scope of application:

1. Mobile data card load testing;

2. Mobile SIM card testing;

3. The small board that can manual place in TESTCOM shielding box;

Design Feature:

1. Manual crank structure design;

2. Changeable structure design;

3. Changeable module design;

4. Probe and support plate precise alignment design;

5. Lid fool-proofing design to avoid misoperation during test;

6. Avoid PCBA bring out by Lid design;

7. Operator finger protection design;

8. Changeable product test design;

9. Probe protection design;

10. Safety protection design for Easy damaged parts on PCBA;

We can provide customization service according to your requirement!



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